Product Information

With the acquisition of CVI laser over Melles Griot, this unique combination creates a new company - CVI Melles Griot. We expect to launch our new corporate identity at Photonics West 2008 in San Jose. Currently, we are working hard to integrate our catalogs with an anticipated launch planned for Summer 2008.

The CVI Catalogue

  • Optical Components
  • Opto-Mechanical Hardware
  • Etalons
  • Interferometer Accessories
  • Ultrafast Components

Linear Actuator and Stepper Motor Controller Products

  • Miniature Linear Actuators
  • Rotary Motion
  • Tilt and Goniometric
  • Control

The Melles Griot Catalogue

  • Optical Components
  • Lab Accessories
  • Optical System
  • Laser Beam and Spectral
  • Measurement
  • Opto-Mechanical Hardware
  • Lasers
  • Optical Tables,
  • Breadboards and Vibration Isolators

Software Products - OSLO, TracePro and LensVIEW

  • Software Products
  • Illumination & Opto-Mechanical Design
  • Lens Design

CVI Melles Griot Singapore has the capabilities to provide optical lens design and optical engineering services.

For other OEM products, please drop us an enquiry form regarding your design and we will get back to you shortly.